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This site is intended to be a resource and forum for all those interested in Captain America themed outfits, costumes and related equipment. There seems to be a lot of Cap fans out there who do appearances for conventions, charities and even busking (street performance). This is for everyone who enjoys costuming or Cosplaying the Marvel Comics character Captain America.
Male or female, it seems like both guys and gals like dressing up as Cap. Just something about that shield, those stars and stripes I suppose or maybe it's actually what Captain America stands for: a true blue, idealistic America.
The aim here is to show links of resources where people can acquire different parts for their uniform or even have custom designed pieces and whole costumes made.
This is not about merchandise or collectables, here's a great site for that:
This is not a discussion forum about the movies, TV shows, cartoon or comics that Cap has appeared in although those subjects are fine the main topic should always be about the Gear.
This site is about the uniform in whatever various forms it takes. The one thing about Captain America is that whereas most other comic book/movie characters are pretty specific about their look whether you realize it or not taken as a whole Captain America seems to be the most diversified character ever created in style. Cap has many has many different looks even though usually the essentials of the main uniform always remain the same; red and white striped mid-section or corset against a sea of blue (royal, navy or other) flanked by red gloves and boots.
Wings or no wings, helmet or no helmet, utility belt or no unless you are talking just about Steve Rogers or the Super Soldier or his Army Dress Uniform or anything else Captain Rogers has swapped his Captain America identity for the stars and stripes in one form or another are forever a constant. But be it one of his WWII looks (which seems wildly diverse in and of itself) or a more modern take with the scaled armor, Ultimates look, army fatigues or the athletic sports-like Marvel's The Avengers movie costume your still talking Captain America.
The idea here is to eventually have many links and examples and discussion of where to get and I hope how to make everything from Cap's famously iconic shield to is equally recognizable mask/cowl/helmet with the letter 'A' emblazoned on it to where to get gloves, boots, shirts and beyond. I hope you will join, discuss and share the best of how to build your own best version of Captain America's costume.

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